A quick public service announcement: You should all go read Exclamation’s The Long Way Round series. Right now. No. Stop. I meant right now. It has time travel, mystery, tears, soup, even dragons. What more could you possibly ask for?

I’d almost forgotten that actual backgrounds were a thing. As it turns out, they can be pretty fun!


I have a friend who loves humanity,
Braves bullets in war-torn countries.
He traded a life of wealth to help the poor and ill.
He says “If I don’t do it, nobody will.”

And the high road’s steady and steep,
And the low road’s easy and deep.
Guess I’ll follow, follow, follow my feet.
Guess I’ll follow, follow, follow my feet.


You make your way through the fire
I stand inside and I get burned
You make your love a liar
I’m hanging on to every word
I can’t quit you
And I’m fine with being used
Lead on, lead on and I’ll follow
Lead on, lead on





Fixed and finished! And may I give a big thank you to bisexualbuckybarnes, trans-carlos, cityscapeinview, and the-secret-police-of-night-vale for their generous help. Now I can get started on my other ideas! 


My Bucky WIP(left) and my reference picture(right)

Dear Marvel/Bucky Fandom,

I need a little help. I’ve finally got my drawing tablet working again, and I’m really excited to finally start all of the art I’ve been planning for months(most of it, yes, marvel, specifically Cap/Cap 2). My problem: most of this art involves Bucky, and the first picture of him I’ve started looks fine so far—y’know, except for the part where something about it just doesn’t look quite like him.

I just need a little help from you guys figuring out what looks off so I can fix it before I finish the picture. Because I’m a pretty young artist just getting started in this fandom, I don’t really know who to ask for help on this, so I hope you guys can point me in the right direction.

I really don’t want to just say ‘good enough’ when I know I can fix it (if I could just figure out what to fix), and I don’t want to start my other ideas with him until I get this one done.

Thanks a ton,


Working on some Lydia pencils while my computer gets fixed. No inking until I have my scanner back up and running probably. So what to draw next?

From pencils to inks! Finally saw Days of Future Past yesterday and it put me on the mood for some comicverse!Kitty. Tablet is still nonfunctional so it’s traditional art for now, but expect a lot more Marvel art in the next few days because I’m fresh out of school and I’ve just seen Winter Soldier, Spiderman 2, and of course X-men.

Wip results of tonight’s Livestream. I still have a lot to do on this project, but I’m getting closer to being done! Livestream video includes typed commentary at odd moments and strangely appropriate pandora music. Stay tuned for more streams and art soon!

(Preview of part of the streams art)

Hey guys! I’m streaming some Bucky art right now and anyone who wants to watch is welcome to join me. Final results(assuming I get it all done tonight, which is a bit optomistic) will of course be posted here later.


Sun and Moon

Of course it was Clint who started the tradition of post-training naptime. Of course. 

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Hour and a half sketch from last month’s Livestream

I just really want Steve and Natasha to be best friends who have each other’s backs and fight aliens and robots and HYDRA together, but then also try to set each other up on dates and eat horrible amounts of Ben & Jerry’s on Steve’s couch after missions(Natasha’s favorite flavor is totally Dublin Mudslide, but Steve’s a Half-Baked guy himself) and tease each other mercilessly. 

Tony runs the betting pool on who’ll win any and all of their various competitions. Right now Clint’s winning. Not through any real strategy, just because he always bets on Tasha. 

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Stages of a practice painting I did tonight. Took about four or five hours total. 

Inspired by the fact that after binging on leverage I fell absolutely in love with it, and it’s now in my top five best tv shows ever, but I’ve never done any art for it. So I fixed that little oversight, and got some practice done at the same time. I even remembered to save the file seperately so I’d have the stages to show!


Some stylized painting practice, because I never do cool hair. Also I needed a better icon.