Rosalia-Art Discontinued

Hi guys! I’m sorry to say that I’m discontinuing this blog. It will remain up for the foreseeable future, if only because there’s a lot of things posted on here I no longer have hardcopies of, and it would take me forever(and a lot of memory on my dying computer) to save them in any kind of decent resolution. 

But never fear—I have a brand-spanking-new art blog you can follow if you still want to see my art! It’s, uh, actually the reason I’m discontinuing this one. Recently I’ve been unhappy with this blog—how it looks, how it’s organized, how little I post lately. It would take a lot of time I don’t have to fix everything I now dislike about this blog, whereas making a new and improved one takes hardly any time at all. 

So please, go check out my new art blog, Lia’s Doodles, where you’ll be able to find new content once or twice a week(probably even more often, come summer) of varying styles and subjects, as well as a once a month livestream art session with yours truly(the first stream is this evening, by the way)!

My new art tag is ‘Liadoodles’

tldr: new content over at Lia’s Doodles, this blog is now an old-art archive, monthly stream sessions starting tonight, and my art tag for new content is ‘Liadoodles’

Stages of a practice painting I did tonight. Took about four or five hours total. 

Inspired by the fact that after binging on leverage I fell absolutely in love with it, and it’s now in my top five best tv shows ever, but I’ve never done any art for it. So I fixed that little oversight, and got some practice done at the same time. I even remembered to save the file seperately so I’d have the stages to show!


Some stylized painting practice, because I never do cool hair. Also I needed a better icon. 

Y’know, I’ve never actually draw harry potter fanart before? It seemed like a right of passage. I had to, you understand. 

My art for the Teen Wolf Reversebang—my writer had some things come up suddenly today and couldn’t make our posting date, but this post will be edited with the story info and link sometime this week or next week. 

Playing Hooky


"C’mon. Let’s wake my useless brother up and close the shops for the day and head down to Sydney."

"You’re serious? You, of all people, want to skiv off work to drive down to a surfing event?”

Present day AU where Chuck’s a semi-retired champion surfer and Yancy and Raleigh run a bike shop in Newcastle, New South Wales , Australia. Just think surf, sand, sex, and bantering, and you’ve got the picture.

Created for the Pacific Rim Reverse Big Bang. 

Took a break from coughing and sleeping to practice my back-to-front lineart work with one of my favorite characters from one of the best cartoons to ever grace my tv(I have too many ‘favorite’ things to count).

I might do some of the other characters like this, if I ever find time. For now, enjoy. 


I hereby declare that January is going to be a month of studies and practice work. 

That doesn’t mean I can’t do fandom stuff too, though, so have a Steph.


Today was truly a day of firsts; first day of the year, first day I managed my entire hill run without stopping once, and my first personal encounter with art theft.


Today, about two and a half hours ago now, tumblr user mhermeiser26 accused me of stealing my own artwork. 

I created said fan art today, and posted it to a tumblr( that I keep for my own, personal artwork. Everything on it, excluding a few art-related things I’ve reblogged to keep track of, was drawn by me. In the original post I made of the art in question, I linked to my livestream channel, because I had recorded the process of drawing it, and linked to the gifset and what I assume is the maker of the gif I used as a reference picture because I was practicing a technique I have little experience in. 

Not ten minutes after I posted the art, tumblr user mhermeiser26 reblogged it and said, and I quote “what the fuck! this is MY art you piece of shit everyone report this motherfucker for stealing my art!” In what is clearly an immature attempt to claim credit for something they did not create, and get the original creater(in this case me) banned from the website. I was furious, and, having never been in this kind of situation before, didn’t know that responding before I reported him could lead to him deleting his blog before any action could be taken against him. 

Since he has appeared to have deleted his blog, I am unable to link you to the post in question on his blog, but I do have my original post, his comment, and my response still on my blog, which is here:

The livestream I painted it in

and the gifset(warning, very very long post, may take ages to load) that I took my reference from:

I’m furious and hurt. I’ve never, ever had any kind of problem like this before. I’ve never stolen any art, I’ve never been accused of stealing art, I’ve never had my art stolen before. For the first time I really understand why some artists delete their online presence and stop posting art after getting their art stolen, and for the first time ever I was tempted to do the same. 
Instead, I’ve reported him to tumblr staff, I’m adding watermarks to all my recent work and any I make in the future, and I’m posting about it on both my art blog, and this blog, and I’ve already submitted this post to an art theft blog, where it has been posted. I really hope the tumblr staff can find his original account and ban him—but I’m still really worried that someone saw his original comment and reported me, even though I did nothing wrong. 

This was not how I wanted to start my year, and I’m really upset that he had such an effect on me; I was having a pretty good day before all of this. And now I’ve broken my diet and gotten so angry and upset I started shaking. I want to put this out of my head and never give it another thought, but I can’t. I can’t because this guy deleted his blog before any action could be taken against him, so I know he can and will do this again. Maybe to me. Definitely to some other artist. I want to believe he’s learned his lesson, but I’m not that optomistic. 

All in all? One good day, officially derailed. 

Reblogging this to the art blog it all started on. Guys, this is a very serious problem—if you see anyone stealing my art, claiming that stole my art, or anything else of that nature, please tell me, and/or report them yourself. 

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Allison Argent, done in just short of three hours in livestream.


what the fuck! this is MY art you piece of shit everyone report this motherfucker for stealing my art!

No, it’s not. I literally just finished painting this about ten minutes ago. I livestreamed the entire process, which you’ll find is a bit hard to copy, and I still have the sketch and original higher res file saved on this computer.

I even linked to what I believe is the source of the gif I used as a reference picture. 

I didn’t steal this. I drew it myself, and I’d rather not be called names by a childish asshole accusing me of stealing MY OWN ART. I have never traced, copied, or reposted anything in my entire life.

You’re making a stupid, selfish play to claim someone else’s art as your own and get them reported and kicked off the website for doing absolutely nothing but draw something and put it on the internet. 

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Allison Argent, done in just short of three hours in livestream.


Who wants to guess what I just started watching yesterday?

One Joan practice portrait to vent after the emotional roller coaster that was episode six(I’m now, of course, going to watch episode seven, because what else would I do at eleven fifteen PM? Sleep?).

I wish photoshop had let me undo the noise I added, but overall, not that bad, when you consider how often I attempt painting, let alone realism.


Greeting the day

Because I like boots and I like Cassie and I finally have time to draw just for fun again.

I literally paused on the last three minutes of an episode of Elementary to make this. It was supposed to be a quick sketch to get the idea down and then I’d finish my episode. But no. No, I spent like two hours last night making various sketches and then the lineart. It was around twelve thirty by the time I finished watching the episode. PM.

But I colored it after my run today, and it was fun to make, so all’s well that ends well, I suppose. 


Merry Christmas, 

thatsrightdollface! I wasn’t quite sure how to translate your more specific wishes into fanart, but I really hope you enjoy what I drew of your second wish! Happy Holidays! 

My art for the Percy Jackson Fandom Secret Santa—and part of the reason I haven’t posted much art this month. I’ve made stuff, but most of it’s been for projects and deadlines(including this, and the Pacific Rim Reversebang), and the rest are W.I.P.

I really hope my Secret Santa likes it!

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Blank meme taken from here

One year and a whole lot of improvement. I mean geeze, the leap from may to june?(june is when I got my tablet. Before that all I had was a trackball) This feels really awesome to look at.